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The rise of wellness brands

The rise of wellness brands

The rise of the wellness brand

If there is an antidote to the lockdown then perhaps it is Pretend It's A City.

The documentary series features humourist and raconteur Fran Lebowitz as she shares her finely tuned observations and gripes with Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee and Alec Baldwin.

But the true star of the show is New York City - a place Lebowitz has called home since the late 1960s.

With Lebowitz as our endlessly witty guide we see through her eyes how the city has shape-shifted through the decades - and not always in ways Lebowitz appreciates.

During one particularly biting segment she takes a shot at the burgeoning wellness industry.

"About one third of people in the street in New York City have a yoga mat," she jokes. "That alone would keep me from yoga."

Jokes aside, the wellness industry really has exploded in recent years.

Ranging from Gwytheth Paltrow's Goop empire at one end of the spectrum through to obscure hashtags on Instagram by wannabe influencers at the other, the wellness industry encompasses everything from spin classes and spa retreats to clean foods and meditation apps.

According to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) this all adds up to an industry that is worth an estimated $4.2 trillion globally.

And in many ways this is not a surprise. Who does not want to feel healthier or fitter - whether physically or mentally.

Brands not traditionally associated with concepts of wellness are waking up to the opportunity.

The travel industry, before it was put on hiatus by covid, has increasingly offered wellness inspired packages, such as jungle retreats with regular meditation sessions and cycling holidays with an acupuncturist on hand.

Startups seeking to take market share from more established competitors are using wellness to set themselves apart. Rather than simply selling a product or service they are offering an invitation to adopt a lifestyle which, they promise, is obtainable and, importantly, can be shared with others.

“All around the world, more people are incorporating elements of health, prevention, self-actualisation, experience and mindfulness into their daily lives,” says the GWI.

Once we emerge from lockdown this trend seems certain to continue.

Check out my portfolio to see recent wellness brand and design projects I have undertaken for wellness brands - including Founded Wellness in London and Alamelu Yoga in Lancaster.

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"We’re pleased to say that since the design changes, our sales have exploded – up 400% in just one year – which we attribute in large part to the enormous leap in aesthetics and design which Louiza oversaw."

Will McMahon, Commercial Director, Kendamil

Louiza brought our Vanilla 98 brand to life through great design and marketing. Equi’s won best vanilla ice cream for Vanilla 98 at the Scottish Ice Cream Championships at the Royal Highland Show.

David Equi, Managing Director, Equi's Ice Cream

I can't recommend Louiza enough; you can really rely on her to 'get' what you're looking for. Great communication, great turnaround, great understanding, great result!

Lucy Naylor, Owner, Lucy's Acupuncture

Working with you was an absolute pleasure from start to finish and we felt that we really clicked creatively, we felt that you were really invested in us and our project which was a big thing for us, you were very thorough and attentive throughout the process and we knew we could trust you to do a great job, which you did! We love our branding and we love your photography work.

Scarlett Meyer & Bec Newton, Founders, Method Café

The new brand for Stone Well Tap really captures the essence of what makes this craft ale pub unique in our region. Louiza really understood the brief and we are very happy with the results.

Tim Tomlinson, Owner, The Hand Pulled Pub Company

We are thrilled with the Women In Tech brand Louiza created for Digital Lancashire. Louiza developed a clever rationale and concept that clearly communicates the brand purpose. I have no hesitation in recommending Louiza.

Mark Thwaite, Head of Ops, Digital Lancashire

Combine creativity and talent and you get wonderful, fresh and inspiring designs by Louiza Rabouhi. She applied her magic, limitless energy and professionalism to help achieve my brand goals. Expectations totally exceeded. I am absolutely delighted!

Lyndsey Cocker, Founder, Alamelu Yoga