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Kendamil is a brand with a strong heritage, and a deep connection to its customers around the world, thanks to a commitment to using only the best quality ingredients. It is made in the Lake District, and is the only British made baby milk brand, which means it has a truly unique proposition. 

Kendamil products do not use palm oil, fish oil or other nasties. Instead, they feature natural, full cream nutrients, plant-based DHA and HMOs to help build up children's immune system. 

Kendamil is sold by leading retailers across the UK - including Waitrose, Sainsbury's, ASDA, Morrisons and Booths - and is available in many countries around the world.



As with all projects of this nature, I started the process with a brand workshop involving the brilliant team at Kendamil, who are all highly engaged with the brand. They care deeply, and it was important to listen carefully to the insights they shared about how Kendamil has evolved over the years, and where it is heading, including the potential for new launches.

We also looked carefully at customer insights, which further underscored how passionately people feel about Kendamil. This really is a brand with great meaning and resonance.

At the same time, we looked at customer segments that are yet to discover Kendamil. We want to reach out to new customers, people who care about the values at the heart of Kendamil, but who for one reason or another have not yet engaged with the brand. A fascinating challenge with a project like this is balancing the needs of both audiences, to move the brand forward without alienating its core loyal customers.

For inspiration we looked beyond the immediate competitive landscape to other brands the target audience are engaging with in their everyday lives, from premium beauty box subscriptions to disruptive healthcare brands, often with minimal, pared back design. The end result is very much an evolution of the previous design, it is at once familiar but also refreshed.

Following the brief, we made the look and feel of the brand identity more natural, and more in keeping with the product. It is warmer now, the harsh whites replaced with warmer hues.

We honed in on the provenance of the product, including its British heritage, and made sure the unique product attributes, some of which are quite technical, are easily understood. The science behind why Kendamil is a superior product is clearer than before. 



  • Brand strategy
  • Logo icon design 
  • Brand identity guidelines
  • Brand illustration
  • Iconography
  • Product packaging design 
  • Social media campaign design 
  • Advertisement design 
  • Event marketing design 
  • Website asset design 

Client Feedback

“We had the pleasure of working with Louiza as our creative lead during a critical stage in Kendamil’s growth. In Louiza we found not just an uber-talented designer, but a strategic partner and thought-leader, who immersed herself in our brand and values and married that with her eye for modern, beautiful design that stands out on shelf.

The result was a complete revamp of our logo, iconography, text, pack design and website – such was the confidence we had in her vision for our brand.

We’re pleased to say that since the design changes, our sales have exploded – up 400% in just one year – which we attribute in large part to the enormous leap in aesthetics and design which Louiza oversaw.

On top of her talent for design, I have always found Louiza an absolute pleasure to work with – professional, hard-working, communicative, punctual and a good laugh!”

-Will McMahon, Commercial Director, Kendamil


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"We’re pleased to say that since the design changes, our sales have exploded – up 400% in just one year – which we attribute in large part to the enormous leap in aesthetics and design which Louiza oversaw."

Will McMahon, Commercial Director, Kendamil

Louiza brought our Vanilla 98 brand to life through great design and marketing. Equi’s won best vanilla ice cream for Vanilla 98 at the Scottish Ice Cream Championships at the Royal Highland Show.

David Equi, Managing Director, Equi's Ice Cream

I can't recommend Louiza enough; you can really rely on her to 'get' what you're looking for. Great communication, great turnaround, great understanding, great result!

Lucy Naylor, Owner, Lucy's Acupuncture

Working with you was an absolute pleasure from start to finish and we felt that we really clicked creatively, we felt that you were really invested in us and our project which was a big thing for us, you were very thorough and attentive throughout the process and we knew we could trust you to do a great job, which you did! We love our branding and we love your photography work.

Scarlett Meyer & Bec Newton, Founders, Method Café

The new brand for Stone Well Tap really captures the essence of what makes this craft ale pub unique in our region. Louiza really understood the brief and we are very happy with the results.

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We are thrilled with the Women In Tech brand Louiza created for Digital Lancashire. Louiza developed a clever rationale and concept that clearly communicates the brand purpose. I have no hesitation in recommending Louiza.

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Combine creativity and talent and you get wonderful, fresh and inspiring designs by Louiza Rabouhi. She applied her magic, limitless energy and professionalism to help achieve my brand goals. Expectations totally exceeded. I am absolutely delighted!

Lyndsey Cocker, Founder, Alamelu Yoga